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Rust: By leaving rust, it can pit and ruin the smooth cutting surfaces of blades, knives, scissors, tools, etc. and should be removed as soon as it is noticed, by glass blasting, using a wire brush and/or solvents.

Prevent rust by keeping your blades dry, not using them on a damp animal, storing them in a moisture proof container, and using lots of oil. If you work in a damp, humid area and rust is a problem - clean and dry your blades at the end of your workday. (A forced air dryer will do a pretty good job blowing dirt and dampness off your blades, or run them in some Blade Wash or a similar product). Then store them overnight in a sealed container filled with a lightweight oil, clipper oil or WD 40. Before starting the next day - blow the excess oil off your blades. Your forced air blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle should do a pretty good job, or certainly, if you have access to compressed air - that works best. (To blow your oily blades off, set up a good sized cardboard box with some weights set in the bottom. The splattering oil can drip onto the cardboard without making a mess - as it would if you blow off your blades in your garbage can or someplace else.)

By keeping your blades clean, oiled and free of rust, the cutting surface will stay sharp much longer, saving you time and money getting them sharpened and de-rusted. Plus, sharpening less often means you won't need to be buying new blades as often. De-rusting is only $1.00 per piece (blade or scissor).

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