Only $10.00 for the template and $1.00 for each blade. (Text or numbers only)

HEY - Look at this!!

Having problems reading the sizes on your blades?

We can also elect-o-etch your blades with LARGE size numbers. No more squinting at your blades trying to see the tiny number stamp.

Well even check your older #10s and #15s to determine how close they are actually cutting. As blades wear out - they will cut closer.

Blade "sizing" is only $1.00 per blade and $1.00 for each size change. NO template charges (ie: 5 #10 blades would be $5.00. 5 different sized blades would be $10.00)

Retaining rings for A5 clipper housings. Do you have a cracked housing? Most cracks can be held tightly together with our own Retaining Rings. They fit snuggly under the end cap, securing the plastic housing - enabling you to keep working without having the cost and lost time of replacing the entire clipper housing. .......................ONLY $3.00 each


Too many blades?

Any blades you're not using???? Why do you have 28 #15s???

We buy Oster A5 and Andis AG blades that have all of their teeth and parts and arent pitted. Well give you credit on account for any blades sent in. Send them in with a note saying you want credit for them and well make you an offer.

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